GNC 2 gets on the board in NFNL Summer Series

Greensborough Netball Club 2 is on the board after a strong 31-15 victory over Bundoora 4 on the second night of Northern Football Netball League’s 2021/22 Summer Series.

The game was close throughout the first half with a lot of ebbs and flows to the match.

However, as the battle of attrition waged on, GNC 2 slowly began to chip away at the scoreboard.

Wing Attack Nat Gibson was a powerhouse performer for the green and blacks across the midcourt both in attack and defence while Georgia Brander was solid in the Goal Defence bib.

Meanwhile, GNC 1 took on Watsonia 1 in a valiant defeat.

It was a team effort as GNC 1 continued to remain in the game, however, Watsonia 1 were too strong and continued to apply scoreboard pressure.

GNC 1 is building nicely and still has a secret weapon yet to be unleashed on the defensive end.

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