About Us

The Greensborough Netball Club Inc. (GNC) was founded in 2011.

2018: two teams in Division 4 and Division 8. Division 4 – Won the Grand Final again St Mary’s 37-31. Division 8 defeating Thomastown 25-23.

2017: two teams in Division 1 (team 1) and Division 4 (team 3) . Division 1 was defeated by Diamond Creek. Division 4 defeated by North Heidelberg. Both teams runners up.

2016: five teams in sections one, two, four, five and seven.

2015: four teams in sections one, two, four and seven.  At the end of the home and away season, Boro 1 in section one finished third, Boro 2 in section two finished sixth, Boro 3 in section four finished second and Boro 4 in section seven finished second.  Boro 3 won the grand final 29-31 over Lalor 1.

2014: five teams.  Boro 2 won the clubs first Grand Final in section two and Boro 5 were runners up in the Grand Final.

2013: six teams. Boro 2 made finals and Boro 5 were section six runners up in the Grand Final.

2012: two teams in sections two and four.  Boro 1 finished fifth and Boro 2 made the semi finals.

2011: two teams in sections three and four.  Boro 1 made it to the Preliminary Finals and Boro 2 were section four runners up in the Grand Final.

GNC Grand Final History

  • 2018 NFNL Section Four Premiers
  • 2018 NFNL Section Eight Premiers
  • 2017 NFNL Section One Runners Up
  • 2017 NFNL Section Four Runners Up
  • 2015 NNL Section Four Premiers
  • 2014 NNL Section Two Premiers
  • 2014 NNL Section Seven Runners Up
  • 2013 NNL Section Five Runners Up
  • 2011 NNL Section Four Runners Up