About Us

Greensborough Netball Club (GNC) was founded in 2011 and set to compete in the Northern Football Netball League.

Since then, GNC has gone on to be a successful club in its own right, testing and pushing some of the league’s more traditional clubs.

GNC values hardwork, respect and integrity. 

The club is built around hard work on the court, and plenty of fun off of it.

GNC celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2021, despite COVID-19 prematurely ending the season.


2021: Club enters three sides into NFNL competition. Team 1 in Division 2, Team 2 (fourth place) in Division 3 and a Team 3 in Div 10. COVID-19 sees the competition cancelled before finals after multiple lockdowns.

GNC enters its first-ever Men’s Netball team into Victorian Men’s and Mixed Netball Association’s M-League in Division 1.

2020: Season called off due to COVID-19 pandemic that sends shockwaves around the world.

2018: two teams in Division 4 and Division 8. Division 4 – Won the Grand Final again St Mary’s 37-31. Division 8 defeating Thomastown 25-23.

2017: two teams in Division 1 (team 1) and Division 4 (team 3) . Division 1 was defeated by Diamond Creek. Division 4 defeated by North Heidelberg. Both teams runners up.

2016: five teams in sections one, two, four, five and seven.

2015: four teams in sections one, two, four and seven.  At the end of the home and away season, Boro 1 in section one finished third, Boro 2 in section two finished sixth, Boro 3 in section four finished second and Boro 4 in section seven finished second.  Boro 3 won the grand final 29-31 over Lalor 1.

2014: five teams.  Boro 2 won the clubs first Grand Final in section two and Boro 5 were runners up in the Grand Final.

2013: six teams. Boro 2 made finals and Boro 5 were section six runners up in the Grand Final.

2012: two teams in sections two and four.  Boro 1 finished fifth and Boro 2 made the semi finals.

2011: two teams in sections three and four.  Boro 1 made it to the Preliminary Finals and Boro 2 were section four runners up in the Grand Final.

GNC Grand Final History

  • 2018 NFNL Section Four Premiers
  • 2018 NFNL Section Eight Premiers
  • 2017 NFNL Section One Runners Up
  • 2017 NFNL Section Four Runners Up
  • 2015 NNL Section Four Premiers
  • 2014 NNL Section Two Premiers
  • 2014 NNL Section Seven Runners Up
  • 2013 NNL Section Five Runners Up
  • 2011 NNL Section Four Runners Up