2014 Head Coaches wrap – GNC team 1, division one

GNC Media ReleaseInconsistency was a problem for the team along with injuries and players being unavailable for different reasons across the entire season. It’s my belief that this was a major factor on how our season panned out. Some examples were one of our players contracting chronic fatigue, an extended OS trip for one of our key defenders, injuries, sickness and being unavailable due to other commitments that didn’t allow the team to play consistently with regular team members in regular positions.

Some examples of our inconsistency was our first round loss to North Heidelberg by 25 goals, our return games resulted in 1 & 2 goal losses, our fourth round return game was again a 20 goal loss which highlights the inconsistency of the team. The season appeared to be long for some of our players as we often played without reserves on the bench which eventually took its toll on the team.

Division one was always going to be tough in season 2014 with the dominant Diamond Creek FNC and Fitzroy Stars again this season fielding strong teams.

GNC Team 1 finished in 7th place (of eight teams) with 18 games played, six wins and 12 losses. Of the 12 losses, three of those were by under five goals.

I would like to thank the players for their efforts throughout the year as I’ve enjoyed getting to know them better throughout the year.

As you know I have accepted a VNL coaching position at Melbourne University and cannot return in 2015. There was a very good reason that I rang my friend, Sharon Ashworth, constantly to talk her into assisting me at the Greenies this season as I pursued my passion to coach a VNL side for 2015.

Congratulations Sharon on your appointment as head coach in 2015 as I leave the Greenies with my very capable friend holding the reigns.

Good luck girls I had loads of fun.

Alan Watson, Head Coach 2014.