Round 11 GNC report

TenealeResults for round 11 are much better than recent rounds, with 3 very solid wins and good performances in the other games.

Team#1 gave league leaders, Diamond Creek Red, a big fright by pinching an early 4-goal lead. Both teams struggled with shooting accuracy during the game but Team#1 couldn’t keep up the momentum with the resulting loss limited to 13 goals courtesy of a strong defence.

Team#2 was very competitive against Whittlesea A in a challenge for 2nd on the ladder but fell off the pace for a moment early in the 4th quarter and fell behind by 10 goals.

Team#2 lifted for the remainder of the game to end with a 7 goal loss and better for the experience.

Team#3 is now on the doorstep of the top four with a hard working team performance against Montmorency B. A constructive mid-court set up the goalers nicely and a sensational defence provided the club’s first opponent whitewash in a quarter this season. An inspirational 11 goal win. Go Boro !!!

Sammy turnoverTeam#4 stunned competition leaders, Bundoora Comets C, with a clean and highly productive first quarter. After being up by as much as 3 goals, Team#4 lost a little direction allowing the game to slide out to a 14 goal loss.

Team#5, also on the doorstep of the top four, was unleashed onto Reservoir and put together an overpowering performance. Goalers’ accuracy was the highest for the season and defenders created team-building turnovers all game long. A convincing 17 goal win. Go Boro !!!

A sensational performance by Team#6 who kept highly rated Watsonia D out of the contest for most of the game. Fantastic pressure was applied everywhere and Watsonia’s last quarter resurgence was headed off for a wonderful 4 goal win for Team#6. Go Boro !!!


  • Team#1 – Tamara Elshaar
  • Team#2 – Alana Keith
  • Team#3 – Erin Robertson
  • Team#4 – Simone Chenoweth
  • Team#5 – Kaylee Wellington
  • Team#6 – Kim Damon

by Glenn Williams / Assistant Coach.