2014 coaching staff required

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Coaching staff are required at Greensborough Netball Club.

It is expected the appointed coach/s will complete the Foundation Course and Development Course within their first 12 months in the position, provided they have not already completed the courses.

It is extremely important for Greensborough Netball Club to have their coach/s respect the Clubs decisions and work well with other club members, the Football Club and other assistant coaches that are on board.

Team Spirit is the Key!

Games are played on Friday nights between April to September, with training conducted between 8pm-9:30pm Wednesday nights. Currently we have six teams, the most of any netball club in the NFL.

Please include all previous coaching experience, current coaching qualification levels and any reference contacts.

Written applications and resumes should be sent to:
Nicole Doherty via email nicole.doherty@landhgroup.com.au or phone 0418 688 085.

Greensborough also welcomes all new players to join all grades of its netball club.